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Handcrafted Soap began with a passion for natural things…

In college, Art and I studied environmental science. One of Art’s chemistry professors believed in teaching practical things that his students could take beyond the classroom. Art was so excited about learning to make soap he wanted to continue the practice at home. It was too plain and needed a scent. I insisted on adding herbs like lavender, rosemary, and essential oils. We gave our soap to friends and family. A coworker once told me our soap was the only one that helped relieve her husband’s eczema. Art liked how our handcrafted soap left his skin softer and we quit buying commercially made soap.

Our desire for a quieter pace and love of nature took us to the foothills of the Blue Mountains.  Here, mint grows in the alleys. Lemon Balm intertwines in my raspberry vines, roses and yarrow lines the fences, lavender adorns the street corners, and Azure Mountain Botanicals has begun.

Brenda Hall
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Artisan Soap Maker

Artisan soap maker ~ crafting small batch high quality all natural soap and bath products from the Blue Mountains of Dayton, WA.
Brenda Hall
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