Spring has arrived!

Spring has arrived in the Blue Mountains. The Touchet river, once swollen and muddy is now getting back to its aqua green color. It is warm enough to walk my dog, Dixie and her dog friend, Shasta along the river dike without a jacket today. The fishing pond is full and stocked with fish. As I walked I took in the sights and smells of trees, plants, flowers budding, the excitement of a little boy catching a fish. Dixie searched for squirrels while Shasta was intrigued by this piece of art – a painted rock placed carefully on the trail. I reflected on the beauty of this treasure, then left it for others to enjoy.











The first dandelions are popping up. They are the bane of the lawn lover, but an important early food source for bees. I am reminded it’s time to collect a few for the Dandelion Honey Soap.










Dandelion Honey is a sunny citrus and honey bar, loaded with fresh dandelions, honey, sunflower oil, which has essential fatty acids as well as a high amount of dandelion-annatto seed infused olive oil, Vitamin E, and tamanu oil, which makes it excellent for sensitive skin.


Happy Spring!

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